Qaddafi’s female bodyguard found slain in her Cairo residence


Security authorities in Cairo have found Zahraa al-Bughaishi, one of the female bodyguards of former Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi, stabbed to death in her apartment in Nasr City, amidst speculations that “honour” was probably the motif behind the killing.

Bughaishi was found slain in her apartment, according to her sister, who said that the victim’s mobile phone had been shut for five days and that she rushed to her house in suspicion of something wrong.

“I knocked the door several times, but there was no answer,” the plagued sister said. “Then, with the help of the victim’s neighbors, we destroyed the door to find al-Bughaishi stabbed to death in her bedroom.”

The prosecutor general said the victim was stabbed in 10 parts of her body. Bughaishi arrived in Cairo as a refugee of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees of Qaddafi’s regime.

The Cairo attorney general opened an investigation into the case and instructed that an autopsy be conducted on her body to know the exact cause of her death, the Dubai-based Al Bayan newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, preliminary investigations conducted by the criminal investigation team of Cairo Police revealed that the killing could be linked more to a case of revenge than to political issue.

The building’s keeper told the police that he had seen the victim’s brother leaving the flat hours before the crime was discovered and no one came in after that. The brother left for Libya after the incident.

According to a news report carried by al-Fagr newspaper, Cairo, Bughaishi could have been killed by her brother who might have objected to her plan to become an actress in the Egyptian cinema, a profession considered as “taboos” in Libya.