Hips Don’t Lie: Egypt belly-dancer seeks to ‘shake’ rising political Islamists


An Egyptian actress and belly dancer who claimed to be the wife of an Islamist MP infamous for a nose job scandal has hit out at the country’s rising Islamist political powers in a new belly dance clip.

Sama al-Masri, a controversial actress who recently threatened to stage a protest in Cairo against alleged attacks by journalists, is seen in a video dancing seductively while singing lyrics packed with political innuendos.

She attacks Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate at the year’s election, for a failed “Renaissance Project” he and his Brotherhood group had promised.

A 100-day plan was the first phase of the project, in which he vowed to tackle five key issues during his first 100 days in office: the security vacuum, traffic congestion, fuel shortages, bread scarcities and poor public sanitation.

In the clip, Sama’s attacks come in the form of witty Egyptian slang, particularly when she is shown in part of the clip holding up mangoes, mocking comments President Mursi recently made about the cost of the fruit, among other foods, becoming inexpensive since he took office.

The dancer also holds up blades in part of the dance, while she sings that she is not afraid of thugs, in reference to the rising tide of thuggery and general lack of security in the country since its anti-regime uprising last year.

Sama recently rose to fame after her alleged former husband, Egyptian Islamist politician Anwar al-Balkimy, was expelled from the Salafist al-Nour party earlier this year and subsequently from the parliament over his “nose job” controversy.

Balkimy claimed that he was robbed and beaten on the Cairo-Alexandria desert highway and that he sustained injuries and bruises on his face that required an operation, but his party said that he underwent an “unnecessary” cosmetic surgery.

In March, Sama filed for divorce from the Islamist MP, saying she received threats that her secret marriage was exposed, the Egyptian daily newspaper al-Gomhuria reported.

But Balkimy has denied reports he was secretly married to the Egyptian artist.