Al Arabiya’s Syria correspondent wounded while covering ‘peaceful’ protests


Al Arabiya correspondent Mohammad Dughmush was evacuated from Syria on Friday after he was hit and wounded by a mortar shell while covering a peaceful demonstration in the city of Aleppo.

“A (Syrian) regime shell fell on a peaceful demonstration in the middle of Aleppo while he was capturing live footage,” said Al Arabiya news producer and editor Mohamed Chebarro.

Dughmush is currently out of the danger zone. He is under the care of medical teams in Turkey, and is in stable condition.

For the past few months, the Al Arabiya correspondent has been reporting on the Syrian revolution as he covered different parts of the country, including provinces of Aleppo and Idlib along with the border areas.

Al Arabiya news team was notified that Dughmush is suffering from a head and a back injury and is incompetent to see as a result of the attack.

“He is currently recovering from the injuries sustained,” said Chebarro.

In an exclusive video to Al Arabiya, Dughmush appeared wounded as he explained how the demonstration was targeted and struck by a shell.

“There are tens of dead or wounded, I’m not sure… The dead bodies were feet away from me,” said Dughmush as he laid in bed with eyes shut, barely gaining the strength to talk.

“The demonstration was 100% peaceful and was purposefully targeted with a mortar shell,” he added.

Dughmash asked the cameraman to stop filming afterwards as he was no longer able to speak.

Aleppo is Syria’s latest development, where thousands of civilians have fled the city and made it to the refugee camps in Turkey while others fled to neighboring Syrian cities.