Kuwaiti women hope to win seats in parliament


Kuwaiti women are taking part in parliamentary elections both as candidates and voters for the fifth time since they won their political rights.

After failing to win seats in the 2012 parliament, which is currently dissolved, Kuwaiti female politicians are hoping this time to score political victory similar to 2009 when four women became MPS for the first time.

Female candidates in the upcoming elections include former MPs and political activists who won a large number of votes in the previous elections.

“I expect three or four women to make it to the parliament this time,” said Maasouma Mubarak, a former MP.

Candidate Zekra al-Rashidi, standing for the Fourth District, was also optimistic.

“I fully trust Kuwaiti female voters, because a woman’s vote is a free vote,” she said.

Rashidi said she was impressed by the support she received despite calls for boycotting the elections altogether.

Female candidates held a meeting to present their electoral platforms and explain their viewpoints on current political issues. The meeting was attended by a large number of women, including those who decided to boycott the elections.

“True I am boycotting,” said Rana Abdul Razzak, one of the boycotting attendees. “But my boycott is a positive one. I came here because I have to be updated on what is happening in the political scene.”