Syrians get guide to chemical weapons preparation


International leaders have issued a strong warning to the Assad regime over the potential use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people.

The Syrian opposition recently provided instructions to residents anticipating that the regime would use chemical substances such as nerve or incendiary gases which are life threatening.

These gases are in a liquid state in the first stage and their characteristics resemble water or oil, which can be wiped or rinsed off with water, soap or sterilizers.

The liquid may evaporate into gas causing a greater risk to a person.

Actions required when a person is exposed to these gases:


Hold your breath as long as possible in order to escape to a place with fresh air.

Place a clean cloth covering the mouth and nose.


Nerve gases are heavier than air, therefore, it is recommended to ascend to the highest floor of a building. However, in case the chemicals were outside the building, all windows and doors should be shut immediately.


Remove your clothes and wash your skin with soap and water or wipe with a piece of clean cloth.


In case of eye irritation, wash them immediately with drinking water for no less than 15 minutes.


It is highly recommended to wear gloves when helping an affected person.


Chemical substances are either odorless, or smell like garlic or pickled radish.

It is recommended to escape areas containing these odors to avoid exposure.

Symptoms and signs of chemical exposure are choking, coughing, blurred vision, faint and chills.

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