Syria’s opposition fighters form joint command


More than five hundred leading figures in the groups and fighting brigades in Syria declared the unification of the free army and the constitution of a staff board and a higher revolutionary military council, whose mission is to monitor the work of the staff board.

Brigadier Salim Idris was elected president of the Free Syrian Army staff board. Salim is from the suburb of Homs who defected four months ago.

He was the director of the electrical engineering institute in Aleppo.

Five leaders represent the staff board overseeing the fronts;
Led by Brigadier Ziad Fahd leading the southern front, which includes Damascus, al-Swaida and Daraa suburbs.

The middle front includes Homs under the command of Colonel Fateh Hassoun.
The western front includes Hama as well as the coastal area under the command of Colonel Mustafa Hashim.

The northern front which includes the city of Aleppo and Idlib are under the command of Colonel Abdul Basit Tawila .

Lastly, the eastern front, including Deir al-zour, Raqqah, and al-Hassake are led by Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Abboud.

The FSA also announced the formation of four offices under the supervision of the joint Chiefs.

They are the intelligence office, operations office, management office and supply office.

In addition, the chiefs agreed on the formation of a high revolutionary military council that comprises thirty members, six from each of the five fronts, two soldiers and four civilians, whose mission is to control the staff board.