No Role-Model? Lebanese glamour girl backtracks on bid to enter politics


A controversial Lebanese model has retreated from her decision to run in the country’s parliamentary elections set to be held on June 2013, local media reported Wednesday.

Miriam Klink decided not to enter politics after many people persuaded her to pull out and to save herself a “big headache,” Cedar News reported her as saying.

The model stirred controversy in Lebanon after she released a video clip two weeks ago criticizing the political situation in the country.

The song entitled “Klink Revolution” saw the model carrying a machine gun while mocking how “weapons everywhere have destroyed Lebanon.”

In some other scenes, Klink, who was skimpily clad, sung how “Lebanon is divided because of politics,” and people seek emigration abroad as the only solution to improve their livelihood.

However, a scene of her dressed all in black while walking in a cemetery to symbolize how politics has destroyed Lebanon, hit nerves of some religious clerics.

Both a priest and a sheikh have filed two legal cases against Klink for filming in a cemetery, saying that she has defiled the sanctity of the dead.

The religious figures forced Lebanese OTV channel’s variety show “Sorry Bas” to cut it after airing Klink’s video, Al-Akhbar newspaper said.

However, Klink defended herself in an interview with Al-Akhbar. She said she donned a shawl to cover some parts of her hair and black gloves to show respect for the dead.