Brotherhood’s Shater seeks ‘total control’ of media: Egypt’s opposition group


Egypt’s opposition group, the Popular Front, said on Wednesday that it had laid hands on a leaked document signed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy chairman Khairat al-Shater in which he urged the government to claim “total control of the media.”

Shater, who was the Brotherhood’s main presidential candidate before he was disquieted by the election committee, reportedly also called for shutting down TV channels owned by opposition groups.

Al-Tahreer newspaper reported that Shater even advised his brethren at the helm of Egypt’s policy making to find ways to contain the more radical Salafi Islamists. Salafis have strongly stood by the Brotherhood in recent constitutional battles, but the Brotherhood see extremist Islamists as potential future threats.

Shater also urged for the Brotherhood’s followers and strongmen to help raise funds to promote the movement’s policies among the Egyptian public.

The document strengthens “the importance of finding the right way and putting suitable plans to marginalize the role of the hardliners and hinder their expansion within the Islamist Public, because of the growing threat they represent now and in the future, and the difficulty of dealing with the threat later.”

The powerful businessman of the Brotherhood also urged “the shift of all sovereign duties of the ministry of foreign affairs to Dr. Issam Haddad,” and “discussing the proposal of Dr. Mahmood Ghezlan on cleansing the media from remnants of the departed regime and closing down, gradually, all private TV channels.”