Russian woman joins Syrian opposition fighters


In an address to her people, a Russian woman appeared in a video announcing her decision of joining the Free Syrian Army to defend the remainder of her possessions and family ties in the country.

In the video, the woman says both the Russian and Syrian governments are aiming to completely destroy the country and tear down what’s left of it. She said the Russian government is on good terms with the Syrian regime because it wants to become a war profiteer by selling its weapons.

She said she also witnessed the Shabiha abducting girls from the streets and treating them violently.

“I am a Russian citizen and am standing amongst members of the Free Syrian Army. Every person here has the right to fight back and defend himself and his family.

Waiting for aid from the Russian government is pointless, and it’s completely idiotic to wait for the Syrian regime’s help as well.

Russia was once proud of supporting people in the past, now it demonstrates what a factious government it truly is.

The country that promises to protect orphans worldwide is the leading cause for orphanhood of its own children.

Russia used its VETO at the U.N. not because it wants to protect the Syrian people, but because it wants to sell its weapons during this time of war.

Both the Russian and Syrian people are peaceful and of good hearts, but the governments in both countries are aiming to destroy Syria. And a government like this will topple sooner or later .

On a personal level, I used to be a supporter of Bashar al Assad, until I witnessed with my own eyes how his forces destroyed my neighborhood and killed my relatives. and the Shabiha kidnapped girls from the streets and have done many unrighteous acts towards them as such, we should not forgive them and I will continues to protect whatever is left for me here.”