Iran ambassador ‘high-fives’ German female lawmaker, sparks furor


A “high-five” greeting between Iran’s ambassador to Germany and Germany’s Green Party Chairman Claudia Roth during a security meeting in Munich has caused furor in the Islamic Republic.

A spokesman of Raza Sheikh Attar respondent to critics back home saying the ambassador did not break any Islamic law because the “high five” touch with the German female MP was “accidental.”

Attar appeared on a video clip published by [The Telegraph][] smiling and raising his hand as Roth approaches. The German female lawmaker slapped her hand with his hand as he seemed enthusiastic to meet her.

The spokesman said the Roth attempted to politely wave to the Roth but "he was completely surprised by this unexpected gesture.”

Roth, a vocal critic of Iran downplayed the incident. A spokesman of Roth said she was committed to “the Iranian opposition movement” and attributed the high-five to the fact both knew each other for years.