‘Expensive taste’: Israel PM’s favorite ice cream costs $2,700


If you were prime minister for the day, would you make way for a little something special; your favorite ice cream, perhaps?

Well for Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, it turns out that exceptions can be made for his preferred frozen dessert.

The prime minister recently requested and received a special budget from the state for ice cream supplies from his favorites parlor, according to Israeli news website Ynet.

The budget, of about $2,700, came after Netanyahu displayed a passion for a parlor nearby his official residence, the "Metudela" ice cream parlor in Jerusalem, with a particular love for the store’s pistachio and vanilla flavors.

The PM reportedly has asked his staff to buy him dessert from “Metudela” throughout the past year.

“Although the section in the state budget relating to the maintenance of the prime minister's residence does not include an ice cream clause, the Prime Minister's Office staff managed to get the approval,” reported Ynet.

But the site also reported that once the budget was revealed, the agreement was terminated with the parlor.

The news site estimate that the proposed budget would have provided the prime minister’s office with 14 kilograms of ice cream a month, as the price of 1 kilogram at the store is $16.