Caviar enthusiasts gather for Riyadh exhibition


Riyadh is hosting one of the biggest gatherings of caviar enthusiasts, where hundreds have come to sample products worth up to 1 million Saudi riyals ($270,000) per kilogram.

Managed by three young Saudis, the caviar is being touted as a source of vitamins and male sexual potency.

“Many people don’t know much about caviar. They mostly think it’s only consumed by rich people and has no health benefits,” Golden Caviar CEO Abdullaziz al-Jowai’ai told Al Arabiya.

Jowai’ai was inspired to invest in caviar after reading a report in an international magazine in 2002. “I started gathering information about caviar, but I faced negative reactions from friends as they seemed uninterested in the whole idea,” he said.

“I and some friends started contacting caviar companies all over the world, and for a whole year we got no response, until one day a Russian company finally responded and supplied us with caviar,” he added.

The business started growing after advertising in a Saudi newspaper, and sold out of caviar in a short period of time.

The first caviar exhibition in Riyadh took place in 2007, and has grown year after year.

Jowai’ai says his caviar was at the dinner table of Saudi King Abdullah when he hosted U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009.