Game on! Egyptian president gets ‘Super Mario’ powers in spoof video


Think “Super Mario” is one of the few classic characters who have won over the gaming masses? Think again.

A new character has been introduced in a video expected to go viral among the online Egyptian community. It shows Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi swapping his suit for a cap and becoming “Super Mursi.”

In the spoof “Super Mursi” video game, we see a cut-out head of the president bopping up and down, attempting to hit his apparent enemies – members of the Egyptian opposition.

The video was reportedly posted and shared by Egyptian activists on video-sharing site YouTube and social networking sites, according to Egypt's al-Masry al-Youm newspaper this week.

The spoof game’s “Mushroom Kingdom” includes opposition include cut-out heads of the National Salvation Front’s Amr Moussa and Hamdeen Sabahy, also former presidential candidates running in the election with Mursi last year.

Before the video ends, we see “Super Mursi” encountering a collision of a different kind with Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie.

“Super Mursi” appears to push Badie above his head, with a little nudge, rather than crushing him below – like he had done with the opposition figureheads.

The video ends with an alternative to the words “Game Over.” Instead “Thawra Over” appears on a black screen, with the word “Thawra” meaning revolution in Arabic – an indication that “Super Mursi’s” moves may have done more harm to the uprising than good.

The video was a reminder to many of last month's move to "[send Mursi to space][]" by Egyptian opposition groups.

The April 6 Youth Movement said on its official Facebook page in February that it had entered the Islamist leader’s name in the online contest because it wanted to be rid of him. It called on supporters to vote for the president so he’d have a chance to win the trip into space.