Grey matters, and your wardrobe will thank you for it!

The color gets a bad rep for being symbolic of mourning and repentance

Mimi Raad
Mimi Raad
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There is a need for neutrals every season and this one is here to stay, I’m talking about grey. If you invested in grey in recent seasons, as many people have, this is a color that is going to blend perfectly this coming season Fall/Winter 2015-2016 and even Spring/Summer 2016.

I believe not everything has to be black and white in life. Grey is a good alternative and an interesting way of seeing things and dealing with almost any situation. I know a lot of people who cannot accept grey as a solution and get offended when I say that grey suits me. We're not going to discuss here existential matters. Didn’t grey earn its stripes lately through a famous - or infamous - book?

But grey has its own story. Long ago, grey was the color of undyed wool, and thus was the color most commonly worn by peasants and the poor. Grey had a symbolic meaning of mourning and repentance. The color of ashes is also related to punishment. Later, grey became a highly fashionable color both for women and men. Much later women working in the factories and workshops of Paris wore grey and this gave them the name of “grisettes.”

Usually grey suggests a boring and conservative color. It is considered to be dreary, tedious, and passive, without life and even draining. The stormy weather hue might suggest a “grey day,” however it has proven to be a dependable and literally constant hue throughout the seasons, taking over the whole sky, blocking out the sun’s rays but leaving us in a rather “over the weather” mood, rather than under the weather, that is! With its metallic hues, it comes off as a strong color, signifying a protective spell, its power lying in the enduring blue-gray. This is like the calm before the storm really, grey makes bold statements in low voices. It’s like an immovable willpower.

I consider grey as an intermediate color that inspires to initiate a process that transforms thought into action. A kind of a stepping-stone.

I can’t recall the number of times I wore grey. It’s a comfort color for me that comes in different cuts and styles. Timeless. Such an easy color to carry as long as you get the right shade for your skin. Ash, ashen, charcoal, dove gray, gunmetal, iron gray, lead, mousy, oyster, Payne's gray, pearl, powder grey, silver, slate, taupe...Which one is your grey?

From those charcoal grays, blacks, browns and beige tones to soft pastels, rich Marsala wines, jewel tones and splashes of Eighties bold hues, the fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends have it all to cater to everyone’s fashion cravings and to help you dress in the most flattering shades for your skin tone and personality. And it’s all up to you to decide what trendy shades you are going to paint your new season’s wardrobe in, but keep in mind grey can easily be mixed and matched!

Does grey still sound boring to you?

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