Choosing the perfect winter wedding cake

You must consider the filling, size, shape, colour, icing, season, and theme, not to mention the decoration!

Lara Barakat
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Choosing a wedding cake is far more complicated than it sounds, you must consider the filling, size, shape, colour, icing, season, and theme, not to mention the decoration. Not to worry, usually bakers advise their clients on what is best, however here are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing your winter cake:


It’s all about the taste! as you are having a winter wedding, I would choose a cake that tastes like winter. I bet you are all thinking but what does winter taste like exactly? Think rich flavours, and don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional white cake. Consider a caramel spice cake filled with caramel and a buttercream frosting, or an orange chocolate cake with dark chocolate filling and decorated with flecks of orange. For a lighter cake with a taste that still reflects the season, go for a white cake with cranberry buttercream frosting and filling. Yum!!



Your cake should match the colour theme you have chosen for your wedding, however this is not necessary. Nothing says “winter” better than a palette of whites, icy blues, and deep reds or rustic greens mixed with brown. Add a hint of winter color with a simple chocolate ganache-covered cake trimmed in light blue, or an ivory buttercream cake trimmed in red. Or let the winter colors pop with an ivory cake covered in red sugarberries and green sugar holly leaves.

Shapes and Decoration:

Once again, the decoration would determine your theme. Ideally winter wedding cakes are usually decorated with snowflakes, pinecones, and other winter elements made out of chocolate, sugar, or gum paste are an obvious choice. Try not to get carried away with winter add-ons, instead, you can order a white cake with subtle white sugar snowflakes, you can then match your wedding cake to your bridal bouquet. If you don’t want to use real flowers, you can ask your baker to create sugar versions of your flowers. For a modern wedding, ask your baker to make a few large graphic sugar calla lilies for your cake tiers.

Cake Sides:

You don’t have to have a seasonal cake, you may prefer to serve a winter-inspired side with your wedding cake. i.e cake a la mode with black walnut ice cream; add a handful of starlight mints to each plate; or indulge comfort-food lovers with warm chocolate pudding.

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