Personalizing your brand using Emotional Intelligence

Start be understanding the real you, your values and beliefs. Understand how you feel about yourself and what the results are of your communications with others

David Rigby

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Everyone has a personal brand whether you like it or not. To find out what your personal brand is seek feedback from those who are important to you (your customers) whether they are your work colleagues, your boss, your friends, your mother or your kids.

Do you like what you hear? Does this line up with what you hoped they would say? Using Emotional Intelligence techniques you can change your brand to what you want it to be.

Start be understanding the real you, your values and beliefs. Understand how you feel about yourself, and in the light of your research, what the results are of your communications with others.

If you are not authentic, people will soon see through it. So your personal brand has to be a reflection of you. Or, to put it another way, you have to be the authentic embodiment of your personal brand.

The next step is to decide what you want your personal brand or image to be. This will depend on who it’s for, but let’s say it’s for a new job or promotion. And if you are serious you will look at the new job and decide what kind of person you need to be to get that job.

If you have a skills shortfall – deal with it. If you have a communications shortfall then get tuition and find ways to practice. Communications includes face to face, phone, email and text, and social media. Find people to give you honest feedback. If you have an appearance shortfall then check out how other people look in the role you aspire to and find your unique style. And identify the deportment and etiquette needed to be in that role, so you don’t have to think about it.

Practice being the person you wish to become and when you are ready, tell the world. Get the image right on Linked In, Facebook, Instagram etc.

My business and experience is about turning managers into leaders. It’s about becoming a different person. About changing your mindset. About acting like a leader and being a leader. The philosophy is the same whatever you aspire to.

Be Authentic, learn to be both the person you need to be and also the person you say you are!

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