Take a trip to an oasis of culture in Jordan’s capital

The center aims to promote creativity, innovation, and cultural projects that benefit the community

Leen Hajjar
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Described by many customers as an oasis of tranquility and artistic expression, “Jadal for Knowledge and Culture” is a cultural center located in Amman’s downtown area. Jadal offers various social, artistic, and educational programs, uniting people from all walks of life in a safe and comfortable environment. Last week, the center launched a crowd-funding campaign, determined to reduce its financial restraints and continue providing an open, cultural space for locals and foreigners in Jordan.

Founded in 2012 by Jordanian Fadi Amireh, the center aims to promote creativity, innovation, and cultural projects that benefit the community. Through its different social programs, Jadal strives to assure that as many people as possible exercise their rights to culture, arts, education, as well as critical and free thought.

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Some of its popular activities include dance lessons, art exhibitions, lectures, and concerts. It also offers different courses including Arabic, English, and Spanish, as well as salsa, yoga, pencil drawing, and acting workshops. Some of Jadal’s regular programs include its monthly “International Dinner,” offering various foods from across the globe, and its weekly “Discussion Saloon,” where a wide range of topics related to humanity, science, nature, and society are discussed.

When Jadal first launched three years ago, it began with an investment of $37,000, which was gathered from various supporters. According to Amireh, the investment was relativity high due to necessary renovation and maintenance that the space required. Since 2012, Jadal has been generating income through some of its activities to afford the center’s expenses. Although it managed to return around 50 percent of the investment, this cost has become a burden for the Jadal team, preventing them from reaching some of their goals. And so, last week, Jadal launched a crowd-funding campaign, hoping to reduce its expenses, preserve the center, and further expand its programs.

A cultural project

While speaking about Jadal in a YouTube video, Amireh said: “Jadal is a cultural project that aims at social change. It offers a space for young people to meet, discuss, and share knowledge. We also organize activities to encourage critical thinking and collective work that benefits the society. We want Jadal to be a space where young people can spend their energy on useful projects. It is very important, because they have an amazing potential that needs open spaces to bloom.”

Frequent Jadal customer, Rula George said: “Jadal is an oasis of peacefulness in one of Amman’s highly populated and busy areas- a space for music, art, and creativity away from the bustling city life. What I love most about Jadal is that it embraces people from all different backgrounds and different parts of Jordan, encouraging them to enjoy social and cultural activities together. I enjoy taking my children there not only so they can enjoy watching a cool band or looking at fascinating art, but also so they can meet and engage with different people from Jordan and abroad.”

Through its diverse activities and cultural appeal, Jadal has become a popular spot that unites different mindsets, personas, and talents in a safe and open space. Despite its financial restraints, Jadal is determined to further expand and continue promoting knowledge sharing and cultural expression in Jordan.

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