What to expect on your wedding day that no one tells you

Here are some of my ‘not so obvious’ truths about weddings that no one ever talks about

Lara Barakat

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Apart from the obvious, there are some aspects that take place during your wedding that nobody pre-warns you about. As a bride, you focus on following the plan you put in place for your wedding day, i.e. the entrance, your first dance, cutting of the cake etc. But between all that, there are much finer details that won’t cross your mind till you experience them hands on.

You may have attended weddings before, as a guest or bridesmaid, but there are some things you just don’t find out about until your own wedding. I admit, some of the points below I most defiantly felt on my wedding day, which was my motivation to compose this article. So ladies be prepared for some golden advice!

Weddings are meant to be fun! Especially your own, so don’t forget to loosen up, relax and embrace the moment, because in a flash of an eye, it will all be over. Below are some of my ‘not so obvious’ truths about weddings that no one ever talks about:

Moments before you meet your future husband, or before the bride enters a room with all eyes on her, you might feel anxious or nervous, that’s totally normal. Every bride has to go through this one point during the night. Personally I felt nervous before my first dance, we had so many dance moves practiced, that when I came on stage my legs felt like jello, but it only took one look into my husband’s eyes, and I knew that this was our moment, I just want to flow like a princess on the dance floor, even if I forget a few moves here and there. Always keep in mind that your wedding is for you, and your partner to celebrate the love and devotion you have for one another, in a room full of your nearest and dearest.

Water works:
Maybe this point is slightly more obvious, I don’t know what it is about weddings that makes people emotional. There are going to be some happy tears on your wedding day, either by the bride, or close family members. So make sure you have waterproof mascara on. Let a member of your bridal team carry a mini emergency kit, with tissues, lipstick, and mascara just in case you have a few smudges.

Facial expressions:
The struggle is real, this might sound silly but honestly your face will hurt from smiling! I admit this one caught me off guard, I was so excited and happy I did not drop my smile for 8 hours. As a bride not only are all eyes on you, but the wedding photographer will take a dozen snaps of you, with your partner, and guests, not to mention the videography going on around you. The only advice I can give you is, try not to think about it, and have fun! There’s literally no reason to frown even if it rains.

Some alone time:
Some brides tend to get overwhelmed by all the love and support around them. It is understandable that you may want some alone time to just take it all in. The most special moments of the day are those spend alone, or with your spouse, preparing, and taking it all in.

Feel the Love:
Everyone who is at your wedding, is there to show their support and love. All eyes on you, and I mean that literary, you might not even have a chance to eat, since you’ll have so many people to talk to and so many pictures to take. It’s an amazing feeling though, so embrace it.

Nothing goes to plan:
Don’t stress out if minor details didn’t go quiet as you planed them too. Just think of the bigger picture, does it make a huge difference? Are you and your guests still having fun? Can it be solved? If the answers to those questions are positive, then relax, you are probably the only person who has noticed, because you know how things should have been. Enjoy your celebration!

Special moments:
You will be surprised but the moments you will enjoy the most, are the ones you least expected. Whether on the day or weekend before, a few precious moments like a heart to heart with your father, or a thoughtful speech by a member of the bridal party. There are just moments in our special day that you will treasure forever.

You will feel different:
You are going to feel many emotions on the night, they are all positive ones, however you might feel slightly exhausted at the end, let’s be honest, you probably didn’t get much sleep the night before, from either stress, excitement or anxiety. Once the night is over, and you are legally married to your spouse, things will feel more official, it’s difficult to explain but it will definitely seem like the real deal.

This article was first published on a Touch of White blog here.