Want to put a ring on it? Find the perfect proposal spot

When you pop the question, you want the memory to last forever

Lara Barakat

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You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and when you pop the question, you want the memory to last forever. Nowadays there are so many ways different ways to propose, I personally believe that a proposal should be customized to represent both personalities, as well as reflect the love they have for one another. Whisk your partner away to your favorite vacation spot, or even a new destination both of you have been wanting to visit, you can then pop the question when they least expect it.

Destination proposals have become more popular over the years, for starters it’s a privacy bonus, if you plan on proposing alone (just the two of you) then a destination proposal would be ideal as you are away from friends and family. The journey also would score you some extra brownie points for the overall experience. However it’s more than just booking a flight and whisking your partner away, to pull of the ultimate destination proposal, you will need some guidance.


If you don’t already know where you would like to propose, then do some research. Narrow down the results in terms of weather, scenery, and distance. For example, if you have always envisioned a beach proposal, then you will need to consider destinations that are warm, and on the coastal line. Once you have your heart set on a destination, start to envision how you would want to propose, during a romantic dinner under the stars, or maybe even on a boat ride, whatever you desire. After making all the relevant bookings, research locations in the town where you can propose. If it is in a specific venue, its best to contact the vendor, and discuss your special arrangements with them prior to your arrival.

Know your partner

It is important to know your partner’s style, what they like and dislike. If your partner is afraid of heights than proposing on a helicopter would be a bad idea. Would your soon-to-be fiancée enjoy the idea of having an audience when you propose? If not then maybe you should look for a more secluded private spot.


Customize your proposal around both your personalities, try to be original with your proposal, rose petals, and candle lit dinners are still on the top of our list, but don’t be afraid to add your own spin to the mix. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Plan a day full of various events depending on your location, i.e. if you are by the beach maybe consider some water sports, followed by a romantic view of the sunset. You can also plan a scavenger hunt, with hints leading to the proposal that remind your partner of special shared memories. Remember to always speak from the heart, whether you want to write it in a poem, or sing your heart out, make sure your content is original and sentimental.

Keep your parents in the know

It may be less traditional these days to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, but giving your partner’s family a heads-up before leaving is almost always appreciated (Just make sure they don’t spill the beans) It’s also nice to know that you have their support, after all they are going to be your family soon, it’s worth making a good impression.

Capture the memory

It’s always nice to have a photo, or video to reflect your special moment. Whether you choose to take a selfie, or ask a professional photographer to take your photos, you can go the extra mile and arrange a secret videographer to capture original moments. These photos/videos can be used in your engagement party, or even in the wedding.