Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! The ultimate bachelorette party guide

Here’s everything you need to know on how to organize a bride’s ultimate send-off

Lara Barakat

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While writing up this post, in the back of my head I can hear the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, playing on repeat. Because after all, that’s what bachelorette parties are all about; fun-filled quality time with your girlfriends before you tie the knot. Planning a bachelorette party is never easy, there are a lot of points to consider, such as venue, location, guests, budget, etc. Here’s everything you need to know on how to organize a bride’s ultimate send-off.

Assign a host:

Usually the maid of honor is assigned to host/plan the bachelorette party, with the help of the other bridesmaids. However, anyone can host a bachelorette party. Find a suitable host that is willing to carry out the party plans, and let’s get this ball rolling.

Guest list:

The bride sets the rules, it’s always best to let her choose who to invite, ideally they would be the same guests invited to the wedding, but this is not always the case. She may not want to include her in-laws in this particular event. It’s usually best to keep this party pretty small, 10-20 people is probably ideal.

Choose a date:

Let’s establish one ground rule, do not choose the night before the wedding to host a bachelorette party! That day is designated for the bride to relax, or the rehearsal dinner depending on the wedding plan. If out-of-town guests are arriving for the wedding, organize the event around those dates, the latest date being 2-3 nights before the big day. Some bridal showers can also take place months before the wedding, which is also fine, obviously as long as you inform the guests of the date in advance.

Plan ahead:

Being a host comes with responsibilities, one particular responsibility is budget and costing. Ideally the host and bridesmaids work together on this, by having each person contribute to the total cost. These funds will go to the cost of venue, decorations, activities, etc. If you are hosting a spa day, supply the guests with a price list, so they can cover the costs of their treatments. Remember the bride should not pay a penny. Be considerate and reasonable when planning a bachelorette party, take into consideration the overall cost on the group, after all you shouldn’t be putting yourself in debt. You can still host a fabulous party at minimal cost.

Get creative:

There are so many ways you can inform guests of this party, traditionally it would be by invitation, you can find these in local stores, or online. If you are feeling really creative then why not design your own, try to include aspects of the party into the design, color and theme. To not spend much from the budget, some hosts call or send text messages to the guests. Just remember to include all the relevant information in your texts, especially if you need the guests to RSVP.
Paint the town red:

It’s party time! Bachelorette parties are less structured and more laid back, there is no particular event or style you need to follow. Find out what the bride likes, and try to include that in the plan. For example, if she would like to have a nice dinner in her favorite restaurant, or go to a concert- the possibilities are endless. The overall objective is to have fun, laugh, and embarrass the bride at least once or twice during the night.

Gifts are not necessary in this kind of event, if anyone wants to show a token of their appreciation then maybe its best you give the guests a heads up on the theme, and they can contribute to the decoration, or even the bridal outfit. You can include fun elements such as wigs, banners, water guns, bridal party games, and tiaras. The goal is for the bride and her guests to just have fun before the wedding.