Wedding planning: Your ‘step away from the white dress’ tips

There is a mini checklist of things you need to consider before putting on your wedding dress

Lara Barakat
Lara Barakat - Special to Al Arabiya English
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There is a mini checklist of things you need to consider before putting on your wedding dress, a list I like to call “step away from the white dress.”

Even though you might be too excited to eat, have a healthy breakfast up to an hour before putting your wedding dress on.
Little ladies room.

It is difficult enough to get into a wedding dress, let alone coming out for a bathroom break.

We all know how annoying foundation marks are against a white dress. Ensure your makeup is completely dry and set before wearing your dress. A setting spray will help, also against humidity and heat.

A helping hand is always appreciated when putting on your wedding dress - a close family member or bridesmaid can help get you in gear.

Choose your lingerie the night before, and have it ready for when you decide to wear your dress. Have an extra pair just in case. Choose neutral colors such as white or nude.

Apply body moisturizers (do not forget your elbows and knees) before putting on your dress.

To avoid deodorant marks, spray at least 10 minutes before you wear your dress. The same applies to bridesmaids. Spray perfume on your body rather than your dress, and keep away from jewellery.

Brides need their space, depending on the type of wedding dress. Think of your surroundings, and move tables and chairs away. Ensure there are no dark liquids such as coffee or tea nearby. Trade them in for clear liquids such as water or vodka.

Deep breaths will help calm nerves and squeeze you into a super-tight fitted gown.

Your photographer can advise how to pose for the best pre-wedding photos - they will make a lovely wedding trailer.

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