Six summer wedding myths to throw out with the bouquet

Seasonal weddings usually come with a certain set of ideologies that couples and guests assume they have to follow

Lara Barakat
Lara Barakat
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Seasonal weddings usually come with a certain set of ideologies that couples and guests assume they have to follow. There are absolutely no guidelines or rules to follow, so do not be afraid to break a few. Put down your handbook and think outside the box. Here are some of the most popular summer wedding myths and how to overcome them.

Brides tend to get colorful in summer, but it is not a requirement. If bright and colorful is not your style, opting for something unexpected will add a wow factor to your event and reflect your personal style. Consider mixing lighter shades with darker ones, such as silver and black, ivory and green, and orange and brown.

People think most summer weddings are hosted outdoors, but it depends on your location. If you are in Dubai, an outdoor summer wedding is physically impossible, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees centigrade. However, if you are located in cooler areas with lush green countryside, summer days are precious.

If an outdoor wedding is not what you imagined, an indoor area can be just as beautiful. Indoor summer weddings have their perks; it will be more comfortable for you and your guests to be in a cooler climate (especially when you are dancing), and décor possibilities are endless. Choose a venue with large windows to take advantage of those light nights.

Most suppliers will advise you that high temperatures can affect your flowers, cake and makeup, but you can take precautions. Store your flowers in a cooler area before the ceremony starts, and supply shade for your guests and flowers. Ask your florist to recommend flowers with wax texture petals, such as orchids and lilies. For your wedding cake, choose fondant rather than buttercream, and schedule your cake-cutting at the start of your event. Makeup-setting spray is your best friend.

We tend to wear lighter materials in summer, so you probably want to skip the heavy beaded dresses. However, you do not have to dress your bridesmaids in floral summer dresses, and the groomsmen in loafers. If a formal affair is more your style, choose your dress design and have your seamstress use lighter material such as chiffon to create the dresses.

Princess-style wedding dresses are usually heavy because of the layers and materials used - this can be agonizing in the summer heat. Do not feel the need to change your dream wedding dress according to the season. If princess is what you want, ask your seamstress to change the material of your skirt to a lighter one - we love silk. Add a hoop to seem as if you are floating on the dancefloor.

Warmer temperatures prompt brides to style their hair up. However, just because it is summer does not mean you must style your hair a certain way. We love natural big curls with flower crowns. A half up-do can look just as glamorous.

You do not have to whisk your guests away to have a good time. If tropical environments are not what you envisioned for your big day, city weddings are just as glamorous. Rooftop ceremonies with skyline views act as the perfect natural backdrop, with an outdoorsy feel. The natural breeze will keep your guests cool.

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