“From Saudi With Love...”

A letter to Iran from a self proclaimed “proud Saudi citizen”

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Dear Iran,

Just to reiterate my Foreign Affairs Minister Adil Aljubier who quoted a statement by President Ronald Regan that “Facts are stubborn things” and that “We can’t go around them”.


Here are some facts that I would like to share with you about “Hajj 2016”:

- (1.8) Million pilgrims from all over the world.

- More than 300,000 Saudi policemen, and civilians helped in ensuring the pilgrims safety and comfort.

- 24hrs surveillance cameras and helicopters.

- Conducted 27 open heart surgeries during Hajj days for pilgrims.

- Conducted 306 cardiac catheterization during Hajj days for pilgrims.

- Conducted 1630 kidney dialysis during Hajj days for pilgrims.

- Conducted 37 Colonoscopy procedures during Hajj days for pilgrims.

- 12 million food packages and bottled water were provided for free to all pilgrims.

- 1,600 Train rides transported 384,000 pilgrims.

Done that even before we celebrated our 86th birthday …

Oh yeah… One more fact:
No “Iranians” = No Problem :)

Yours truly,
Faisal Kayal
A Proud Saudi Citizen

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