Wedding guest etiquette for social media users

When it comes to social media there are certain wedding etiquettes that you have no excuse not to follow

Lara Barakat

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Wedding season is in full swing, and invitations are flying through the door (you’re such a social butterfly), whether you are attending a family or friend’s wedding, we know how social media can play a large part in our everyday life (well, for most of you that is) especially when it comes to weddings.

Some guests take it upon themselves to document the entire event, don’t get me wrong it’s nice that you want to share the happiness of your friends, and fill your news feed with photos of this beautiful affaire. But when it comes to social media there are certain wedding etiquettes that you have no excuse not to follow.

Hold your horses

Don’t jump to congratulate the couple on social media, before they publicly announce it themselves. We agree that hiding your excitement may be difficult if you are one of the first people to know about their celebrations. Consider that there may be a reason why they haven’t publicly announced the big news yet.

Strictly confidential

If you want to ask the couple any questions about the planning process, for example location, dress code etc. Keep it personal send them a private message, or even call them. Brides love sharing planning details with their friends, just as much as they love to surprise their guests. The last thing you want to do is ruin a surprise performance, or give away details on Facebook news feed. Bear in mind, that this is an extremely busy time for the couple, therefore don’t be offended if they don’t keep you in the loop with their every move.

Follow the rules

In the months leading up to the wedding, couples tend to get over occupied. If you have received your wedding invitation, please follow the RSVP instructions. Nothing can annoy a couple more than late or incorrect RSVP submissions. It’s polite to follow their instructions, if they attached an RSVP card they will be expecting to receive them back. Do not email, or text them your attendance, inboxes may be full, and are easy to confuse or misplace. You do not want to show up to a wedding unaccounted for. If you happen to loose the card, give the couple a courtesy call, and ask how they would like you to RSVP.


Of course you will want to share photos of their spectacular day, filling your Instagram and Snapchat feed with photos of the cake, venue, flowers, and even the brides dress. However it is only polite to respect their wishes if they ask you not to post photos before they do. Some couples prefer to share photos of their wedding that have been taken by a professional photographer first. To avoid any hurt feelings, or confusion it’s best to wait until a close member of the couples family publicly post a photo. Then you will have the green light to do the same.

Don’t get distracted

You were invited to celebrate a special day, don’t be over occupied with your phone, tweeting and posting about the event. Keep your phone tucked away, get up and enjoy the moment. After all the couple have spent months planning up to this day, so that everyone including their guests can participate and enjoy. Having a phone constantly in your hand documenting the entire event can get in the way of other photographs, the couple wouldn’t be pleased if they saw you are over engaged on your phone, rather than their reception.

Stay Clear

You may take as many photos as you please, but don’t let your phone or camera get in the photographers way. Be mindful of both the photographer and the videographer, nothing can disappoint a couple more than having a person, or a wondering hand in the way of the camera lens. The golden wedding rule is to let the photographer do his job. If you want to snap the bride’s entrance, we advise to arrive early seat yourself near the entrance, or stand clear to one side, away from the bride, and photographer.

Sharing is caring

If the couple have provided their guests with a wedding hashtag, needless to say use it as much as possible, it is there for a reason after all. It would be nice for the couple to look back on their special day and have all their photos in one place. Share the word by advising other guests to do the same.