Letting you in a shopping secret: Where Dubai’s ‘it girls’ splurge

When it comes to shopping in Dubai, the choice of venues are endless

Carole el-Hajjar
Carole el-Hajjar - Special to Al Arabiya English
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When it comes to shopping in Dubai, the choice of venues are endless. With so many new places being built everyday: new venues, new boutiques, new restaurants and new hotels, we have so many options, so many choices to choose from and so many yet to be discovered. Dubai is that place that doesn’t cease to amaze me with its modern beauty, outstanding architecture and creativity and its drive to be the best and be number one in the world, competing with the best Western cities. Dubai is a city full of life and positive vibes, endless opportunities and amazing experiences. I love being here and love all the beautiful things this city has to offer, all the attractions and never ending experiences. We are so lucky to be living in Dubai, the “city of life” and when it comes to shopping, I proudly say that we are amongst the best shopping destination in the world, with the finest choices in retail, luxury and culinary experiences.

This being said, the newest venue that I’m loving right now and one of my favorite shopping destinations and hang-out place after Dubai mall is City Walk Phase 2. With its vast plaza spaces and modern decors, City Walk Phase 2 brings a new and fresh experience to Dubai. It almost reminds me of being in Europe, with the large paved streets, outdoor boutiques and cafés, such an invigorating place to be in. It just lifts my spirit sitting outside, watching passers-by and sipping my coffee.

The boutiques inside the mall are showered with sunshine coming in from all angles. The uniqueness of its architecture and abundant sunbeams gives you a good sense of wellbeing.

As for the choices of boutiques and cafes, it’s a dynamic mix of top range brands and restaurants, with new names in the retail, fashion and culinary market and a so said one of a kind Boutique Hotel to be launched very soon.

What caught my attention whilst walking there is a new Italian boutique that I’ve spotted: Flavio Castellani. The brand is very new to Dubai and I had to go in and check it all out.

Here’s the story…

Established in the 1980s, the brand is all made in Italy and has a vigorous and sensual aesthetic look.

NOUVELLE COLLECTION Rue du Prince 9/11/12004 Genéve & Rue du Lion d'Or 4 / 1003 Lausanne

A photo posted by Flavio Castellani (@flaviocastellani) on

All fabrics are chosen half a year in advance, styles are faithful to brand’s imprinting and its production chain is strictly controlled thanks to the dense network of workrooms and thestore’s weekly replacement of merchandise.

Flavio Castellani is able to associate itself with value and speed, best quality and pragmatism. The brand aims to offer our modern time woman an easy yet elegant shift from day-time to night-time whilst preserving unique value for money, powerfully appealing items, and an image of aglow seduction without deviating from the bulwarks of refinement. The brand’s core value substantiates into great emotion, excellent construction, creative codes in line with the currents of taste worldwide.

With fifty stores worldwide, from China to Switzerland to Saint-Tropez and Italy, we are so lucky to have one that opened in Dubai. The boutique is designed to accompany customers in their perceptual and emotional purchase.



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