Secrets to getting enough sleep before your wedding day

It may be all the excitement, or anxiety that has you tossing and turning at night

Lara Barakat
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In the months leading up to your wedding, brides have a lot on their minds that can take a physical toll on their sleeping habits. It may be all the excitement, or anxiety that has you tossing and turning at night. We are not suggesting that the ever so important late night inspiration search on Pinterest must stop, but we do have a few secrets that will help you save your precious beauty sleep before the big day.

Exercise is key


Think body, mind, and soul. Developing a daily fitness routine can help utilise the stored energy in your body, making you more likely to feel tired. Exercise is also an amazing way to release stress.

Your mind is in a race of its own with a list of to-dos. Set aside at least 20 minutes in your day to meditate, move away from any possible distractions to take deep breathes and unwind. Relaxing your mind and body, add in a few stretches to sooth your tense muscles.

If you have never meditated before, now is certainly the time to start. Simply sit in a comfortable position, with your spine lengthened, relax your shoulders and take deep breathes visualising your simply perfect wedding day, from your flawless makeup, to your stunning gown, laughter and happiness all the way through the day.

Call it a night

The light from electronic devices can keep your brain awake. Lying in bed watching TV, surfing the web, or even scrolling through Instagram is actually doing your body more harm than you think. For starters avoid watching TV, playing on your phone, or reading before bed. Instead a take a warm shower, or even a bubble bath. Adjust your phone/tablet settings to dim or lower resolution most phone now have the option of ‘night shift’ which reduced the blue and emits a warmer light.

Adapt a shutdown rule, an hour before bed restrain from using any electronic devises, dim the lights, lay in bed to simply reflect upon your day. This will help relax your mind and body in preparation for sleep.

Don’t over work your self

Juggling between work, and wedding planning can be stressful it may even take a toll on your overall health. If you can multi task that’s great, it may seem that you’re getting things done and being productive, but there a limits to what you can achieve in one day. Consider adapting a schedule to tackle your wedding planning tasks on specific days, that way you will dedicate a full day to planning your wedding, and not have to worry about other tasks. This will keep you on goal and focused, and free from sleepless nights, and the occasional Bridezilla making an appearance.

Watch what you eat

Surprisingly food can play a large impact on the hours of sleep your boding is getting. Even though most of us occasionally indulge on a heavy meal, which makes us feel as if we need a nap after, however our bodies are not actually tired. Food is filled with energy, when stored and unused that energy turns into sleepless nights. Therefore, avoid consuming foods that are high in sugar before bedtime (such as chocolate, or fruits.) you may also want to avoid all forms of caffeine, and you can find caffeine in literary everything even fizzy drinks.


Busy Brides, and grooms can suffer from high cortisol, which is a stress hormone, which when triggered can prevent sleep. Working on balancing your circadian rhythm (Internal clock) to keep your hormones in check. Set yourself a time goal, to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. Almost like a bedtime routine, even if you don’t feel tired at that hour, or didn’t have enough sleep in the morning.

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