Plan a destination wedding like a pro because the world is your oyster

There is something just spectacular about hosting a destination wedding

Lara Barakat
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There is something just spectacular about hosting a destination wedding, whether it’s the idea of having all your favorite people in one location specially for you, or the thought of being on one big group holiday, we absolutely love destination weddings. However, although it may sound like an easy event to pull off, let’s be honest nothing about planning a wedding is easy, especially if its abroad. These tips will help you pull off the perfect destination wedding without having to break a sweat.


First things first, you have to narrow down your options to choose a suitable location - you have endless possibilities, the world is your oyster. However, you may be eager to choose a location that holds significant meaning, such as the town your first met your partner in, or perhaps the location where he proposed. The next step would be to consider the pros and cons of this location:


1. Can your guests travel there?
2. Does that country require visas?
3. Are there language barriers that can complicate the planning?
4. Is it a pricey destination? (This may affect your budget)

Once you have answered those questions, choose a location that is convenient for you and your guests.


Once you have chosen a location, you need to do your research. Trust our friend Google to inform you of the weather conditions (depending on the climate and the type of wedding you’re after). The second thing to take into consideration is this country’s peak season (also known as the high season) that means more people, less availability and higher costs. If you choose to host your wedding during peak time, it’s best to book in advance. However, if you opt for a quiet season, there may be a slight gamble with the weather and venue locations.


It may seem like destination weddings are money savers, but often times you will find yourself spending more than anticipated. With your efforts to keep the guest list low, you need to consider other aspects of destination weddings such as travel and accommodations. This kind of an affair can last up to three days as you will have guests arriving at all different times, wanting to have lunch, dinner and breakfast with you (remember they are coming to celebrate your happiness, you will need to show them that you appreciate that). Keep in mind that you may have to pay for the expenses of some of your guests, especially maid of honor and best man. With all that being said, you need to set aside a realistic budget that allows you extra room for the odd splurge.

Design board

Build your wedding palette according to the destination you chose. For example, if you are hosting your wedding in a garden or up in the mountains, use colors that will bring out the environment around you, rather than over shadow them. Design your wedding layout so that your guests get the best view of the location and yourself of course. Last but not least, to save your budget try to choose locally-sourced flowers.

Give notice

Now that you have your wedding budget, destination, and design ideas in place it’s time to send out your save the date cards. Giving you guests advance notice will help you narrow down your attendees, as well as give your guests the chance to book their travel arrangements. Don’t forget that if you are hosting an adult only event, you may want to include that in the cards so parents can make the necessary arrangements.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your stationary, you may consider designing your cards according to the destination, or even add the item of surprise by leaving clues for your guests (try not to give all the details away, only the necessary ones).

Now we have the basics covered, stay tuned for part two of destination wedding planning next week.

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