Wedding tips: What should a maid of honor do to help the bride?

Planning a wedding is always easier when you have a helping hand

Lara Barakat
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Planning a wedding is always easier when you have a helping hand. That is why in Western cultures brides tend to pass duties onto their bridal party, giving them titles such as bridesmaids, maid of honor, and matron of honor. They can be close friends or even family members. In Middle Eastern cultures tasks are distributed between both families of the bride and groom. So, whether you are a bridesmaid or not, you are included in the wedding planning process. Which is always a bonus for the bride.

In wedding hierarchy, the maid/matron of honor always has more responsibility than the bridesmaids. But what exactly are these responsibilities? As a maid/matron of honor you can’t keep running back to the bride asking her what to do, she expects you to already be in the loop, after all that’s why she chose you. So if you are the lucky titleholder of the maid/matron of honor, don’t worry we have decoded your job description ensuring you keep Bridezilla at bay. Brace yourselves ladies, here are some of your expected tasks throughout the months of planning.


To begin, you must understand the difference between a maid of honor (the brides honor attendant who is not married) and a matron of honor (refers to one who is married). You will be the bride’s number one go to if she needs anything, offering emotional and logistical support when needed. It’s pretty much a full time job that you just can’t object too.

Keep the bridesmaids in check: You are the leader of the wolf pack, making sure that all bridesmaids attend the fitting appointments on time, purchase the appropriate wedding attire and also rehearse for the bridal entrance.

Get shopping

Help the bride with choosing dresses, from a wedding dress to bridesmaid dresses. You are the bride’s right hand woman when it comes to shopping decisions.

Offer a helping hand

Occupy yourself with pre-wedding tasks such as wedding invitations, choosing flowers, arranging a color chart, researching venues and cake tasting. Although it is not your job to choose the flowers yourself, always provide feedback for the bride to consider.

Be the shoulder to cry on

Brides are hyped up with emotions leading up to the wedding, whether they are stress related, anxiety, or even happy tears maid/matrons of honor can lend an ear, or a shoulder, if needed (we all know that you deserve a medal after the wedding!)

The Party Planner

I know what you’re thinking - finally! The fun task. Be ready to plan the brides bachelorette party, pre-wedding rehearsals, bridal shower and any other events the bride would like to host before her big day. Remember to always consult her before inviting anyone, unless it’s a surprise, then you’re going out on a limb. Think decorations, food, outfit planning, and party favors and don’t leave a leaf unturned. These events are probably one of the most important aspects of wedding planning the bride will cherish and remember forever. To score some extra brownie points, you got to get this right.

Arrange transportation

From guests to bridesmaids and family members, you will be the lead contact to ensure that everybody that needs to be at pre-wedding events finds the right transportation. But it does not stop there, on the day of the wedding you have to ensure that the driver and passengers are punctual, especially the most important attendees such as bridesmaids and groomsmen and even suppliers (makeup and hair technicians).

Point of contact

On the day of the wedding, the bride will completely zone out and it is your duty to be the first point of contact for all suppliers and emergencies. The most important task will be to collect the bouquets from the florist.

On the day of the Wedding...

• Keep the bride laughing.
• Keep dancing; make sure the guests join in on the celebration.
• Make sure the bride takes a moment to eat something, step away from the crowd and take a deep breath.
• Collect any gifts or cards on behalf of the bride and groom, storing them in a safe place.
• Play hostess, guide guests to their tables, invite them to sign the guestbook, etc.
• Hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony and first dance.
• If the bride has a long train or veil, help hold it up so she doesn’t slip while entering the hall.

Extra tasks that you may or may not be expected to help with:

• Help the bride pack for her honeymoon.
• Store the wedding dress in a safe place after the wedding.
• Attend or host the post-wedding party.
• Help with the wedding favors, whether the bride is making them herself, or asked for them to be placed in a special way on the day.
• Deliver or help post the thank you cards to the guests after the wedding.

And if the above list didn’t make you run for the hills, remember to have fun!

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