Winter wedding myths you can go ahead and ignore

If a summer wedding is not really what you dreamed of then you are in luck, because winter weddings have become increasingly more popular

Lara Barakat
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If a summer wedding is not really what you dreamed of then you are in luck, because winter weddings have become increasingly more popular. The snow-covered mountains create a scenic view that is absolutely breath taking when it comes to wedding photographs. Despite Mother Nature’s desperate attempts to make us fall in love with winter weddings, there is always a set of myths that discourage brides to opt for winter weddings.

The most common winter wedding myths include...


Myth 1: No outdoor ceremonies

Yes, it can get chilly during the winter months, and we all tend to turn into winter bears and hibernate rather than face the cold. However, if you always dreamed of having your ceremony with a natural winter background, then invest more in heaters (heat lamps and tent covers) to keep you and your guests warm.

We recommend you keep your ceremony on the shorter side, rather than prolong it for hours. Also be sure to inform your guests of your plans ahead of time, to ensure they arrived dressed appropriately. Be kind and supply your guests with warm drinks and shawls.
The bonus of having an outdoor winter ceremony is always the fact that you don’t have to spend much on decoration. The natural backdrops and surroundings play a large part in your special day. Go the extra mile and arrange transportation for the guests after the ceremony (depending on your venue location). Perhaps a sleigh ride?

Myth 2: All your photographs must be taken indoors

The cold temperatures can limit the amount of time you spend outdoors, therefore we advise you start taking your wedding photos early when the temperatures are mild, accessorise yourself with stylish items to keep you warm such as gloves or shawls. Mix and match with your photos: take some with accessories, and some without. That way at least you can stay warm in-between the shoot.

Do your research ahead of time. Search the web for those extra special winter wedding photographs so that you’re prepared and don’t waste time during the shoot.

Myth 3: Long sleeve bridal gowns are a must

Long sleeve wedding gowns seem to be the ideal go-to option for winter weddings (and it’s a huge bridal trend now). However, some brides may not like the idea of having long sleeved dresses. The good news is that if you are having a winter wedding the chances are you will be spending far more time indoors than outdoors. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to one dress style just because it’s the ‘winter norm’.

If warmth is an issue there are numerous styles and options you can incorporate into your wedding day style. For starters consider thicker material for your dress, and accessorise your gown with a fur shawl, or join Amal Clooney and bring back the long silk gloves trend to bridal. Opting for close-to-shoes can also help; you can even get away with wearing tights under your dress to keep you warm.

Myth 4: You have to choose dark winter shades or a winter wonderland theme

Winter wonderland themed weddings are beautiful but they are very generic and predictable. If you want your guests raving about how extraordinary your wedding was then you need to think outside of the box. Get creative with your colour choice. Don’t get me wrong. We love the silver, whites, and candlelight shades. However, experimenting with your colour board can expand your horizons, and may even create a new wedding day trend.

If you’re leaning towards the festive side of decorating, pass the traditional reds and greens, and opt for burgundy and emerald shades.

Myth 5: You will have less guests attending during the winter.

Although most people are still recovering from the crazy amount of summer weddings they have attended this year, this does not mean less guests will attend simply because its cold outside. For starters these guest will come to celebrate your happiness no matter what the temperature outside. It is an extra bonus if you’re having a destination wedding somewhere warmer than their hometown.

Myth 6: You’re limited for choice with flowers

To be completely honest, seasonal flowers are less costly than those that have to be flown in from abroad. If you’re determined on spring/summer blooms, then be sure to leave slightly more room in your budget for flowers. That being said ask your florist to show you the wide range of winter flowers available. They might take you by surprise. You may find yourself falling in love with winter roses, and tulips rather than peonies.

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