Music mishaps to avoid for an unforgettable wedding

Most weddings these days contain some kind of musical entertainment, whether that be a DJ or a live band

Lara Barakat
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Most weddings these days contain some kind of musical entertainment, whether that be a DJ or a live band. It is important to keep your guests entertained and music is the main factor that takes your wedding from a “pretty fun wedding” to an “unforgettable wedding.”

I’ve put together a short list of the most common musical mistakes brides make before their wedding day, and how to avoid them.


Skipping on a band or DJ

As one of the first musical decisions you have to take when wedding planning it’s important to do your research, it will most certainly help narrow down your options. Live performers often require a larger wedding budget that may seem like a slight discouragement, on the other hand you may have the perfect play list that a DJ could play all night.

Choosing between either or both can be tricky, while you scout the market ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Often times

DJ’s have a list of musicians they collaborated with. Choosing a performer and DJ as a package may cut your costs in half.

Starting your wedding in silence

Silence is never good at a wedding, therefore book your musical entertainment whether that being a DJ or live band no later than 25 minutes before your ceremony, so that your punctual guests can enjoy the symphonies.

Playing music before the ceremony is a good way to keep guests entertained if your running behind schedule, and also a signal as to when the ceremony is due to begin.

Controlling the volume

It is important to know when, and how to control the volume at your wedding. As not to offend or disturb your ceremony, and you don’t want your guests to be screaming across the tables to one another unable to get a word in. Finding a balance will keep your guests happy, and prolong the party.

Arrange a meeting with your DJ/entertainer to go over your wedding day schedule. Keeping them in the loop so they know when and how to control the volume during the ceremony, speeches, etc. Assign your bridesmaids or a member of the family to keep a radar on the volume, in case any issues should arise.

Meeting your DJ/Entertainer

Don’t leave it too late before you arrange a meeting with your DJ/entertainers. You need to be sure they are the perfect fit for your special day, if you haven’t seen them perform in person ask for examples of their work. It is important to understand how their input will plan out on your wedding day. Creating a timesheet of how you predict the event will run is an easy go to guide for them to follow.
Create a play list and a do not play list

This may not occur to you at the time, but you will need to create a play list of all your favourite songs you would like at your wedding. This will also give your DJ an idea of your taste and style, let your DJ know your open for suggestions. That being said you must also create a do not play list, of the songs you dislike, or prefer not to have at your wedding.

Choosing a long song for your first dance

We know how you will want to live in this moment forever, however you will need to keep a cap on the time limit of your first dance song. Have a mini dance practice with your spouse to see exactly how long you can pull your moves off, you don’t want to be rocking back and forth for 4 minutes. A little choreography can go along way with first dances, up your skills by taking a few dance lessons, this will make the time go by shorter, as well as keep your guests entertained. Work alongside your DJ/band to cut the song to a reasonable amount of time.

Experiment with different music genres, bear in mind that there are different age groups attending your wedding, therefore mixing it up would keep everybody entertained.

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