Eight things nobody tells you about your wedding photos

Wedding photos are simply irreplaceable. They carry memories of the couple’s special day with them forever

Lara Barakat
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Wedding photos are simply irreplaceable. They carry memories of the couple’s special day with them forever, the laughs, happy tears and heart-warming moments you simply cannot put into words. It goes without saying that wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your day and one that should not be left the end of the budget. As a couple planning a wedding, you are not handed down a guide or manual as to what to expect on the day, especially when it comes to photography. Leaving no leaf unturned, today I am going to share with you eight things no one tells you about your wedding photos.

Rely on your gut feeling


Trust your gut and inner feelings more than your budget when deciding on a wedding photographer. It’s more about feeling relaxed with the person in front of you - after all they will be following you around on your wedding day. When you meet with the photographer ask to see an example of their work, the feeling should be instant. If their photography style is what you would want on your wedding day then follow your gut feeling. Budget will always play an important role in your decision, but the vibes and internal instincts will totally overrule any decision when it comes down to it.

Pre-wedding photo shoot

As the saying goes, try before you buy. Take your photographer for a test run with pre-wedding/engagement photos. It will give you a chance to practice for the wedding because let’s be honest we are all a little shy in front of the camera at first. It is also a plus for the photographer, as they will be able to identify what kind of photos you like and the best way to keep you relaxed and at ease during the shoot.

Not everything will go to plan

As much as we would like to assume that everything goes to plan, prepare yourself for minor incidents that may delay your wedding day photo session. For example, your makeup artist might be running late, or the area in which you want to take photos has not been set up on time, there may even be a slight change in weather. Be patient, the photographer is used to minor mishaps like these. Take your time to re-think until you find an alternative or a way round the issue.

Your face will hurt

Because we are not used to constantly smiling for an hour, on your wedding day you can expect to feel tired of smiling and slightly irritated by the flashing lights. Before the obligatory family photos, take a mini break while the photosphere gathers your family members. Resting your facial muscles will make everything better.

Be realistic with your expectations

Although you might have a few images in your head of how you would like your photos to be, or simply a specific angle/pose you wished for. Be realistic enough to know that you might not get all the photos you have hoped for. For example, you may miss the chance of taking a photo with your cousin, etc. Don’t let this small matter ruin your special day, time flies when you’re having fun and occasionally things like this can happen. Look on the bright side you will have other amazing photos that will last a lifetime.

It will take forever before you receive your photos

As anxious as you are to see your wedding photos, bear in mind that it could take up to three months before you can set your eyes on them. It all depends on the season and the photographer. In the meantime, satisfy your anxiety and excitement with images taken by guests’ smart phones - search for your wedding hashtag to relive the moment. Most photographers may call you into the studio to proof the images before printing, which could prolong the process. In the end it will be well worth the wait.

It will take even longer to prepare your photo album

Once you receive your wedding photos you will be ecstatic, showing them to nearly every person you know. When you’re done printing copies for family members, determining what photos you want to frame, and others you will be keeping for the albums, it will be time to buckle down and get to work. Choosing the perfect album may take a few days, weeks, or even months, followed by placing the photographs into the album.

The photos aren’t actually yours

As unusual as that sounds, you do not have complete ownership over your images. Photographers have the legal rights to your images and therefore may be able to share it with clients or even third parties. To avoid disappointment, double check your contract, explain to your photographer that you would like to keep your images private. After all, you have the right to refuse that your images be used on promotional material.

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