Wedding woes? 14 mistakes brides make and how to avoid them

To minimize the most common mistakes and keep your planning process stress free here a few guidelines to follow

Lara Barakat
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As it is most likely that this is your first time planning such a large-scale event, you are prone to fall through the common pitfalls of wedding planning. While you’re occupied choosing invitations, sniffing flowers, browsing through Pinterest and trying on wedding dresses, you may be making some crucial mistakes. To minimize the most common mistakes and keep your planning process stress free here a few guidelines to follow.

An established budget will encourage you to make smarter decisions when it comes to hiring suppliers that work best with your overall theme and ideas.


Not thinking of yourself

Before you start researching through bridal magazine, and Pinterest take the time to consider what you really want. Always put yourself first when it comes to planning your wedding, do you want a black tie event or a casual intimate affair? Make a list of what is most important to you i.e. a live band or a bigger cake?

Not considering your guests

Your guests will most likely be travelling to your wedding or spending a considerable amount to attend, make sure you show your appreciation by insuring they are comfortable, arrange transportation, and supply them with the basic necessary accessories when it comes to your wedding day i.e. shawls, sunglasses, treats etc. If you are hosting a weekend-long destination affair keep them occupied with group activities.

Rushing to buy your wedding dress

You can wear whatever dress your heart desires, however it’s best to determine the type of wedding you are hosting before choosing a dress style. The last thing you want is to show up in a low-key gown for a Cinderella wedding.

Limiting guests’ social media access

There is nothing worse than an odd hand in the way of your photographer’s camera lens, however its highly likely that your guests will understand that you prefer them to restrain from using social media till after the wedding is over. It never hurts to ask though.

Including your registry details in the invitations

Wedding invitations have an etiquette of their own. Some guests find it offensive if you include details of your wedding registry on the invitation cards. Therefore, it’s always best to stick to old fashioned word of mouth. Make sure that the closest members to you have details of your registry in order to hand them over when needed.

Giving the wedding planner a pass

Although you may have decided to channel your inner Martha Stewart and plan this wedding all by yourself, we would high recommend you reconsider. If full time wedding planners won’t adjust well with your budget, then consider hiring a wedding tasker, assigning certain tasks for them to carry out. This allows you as a bride to relax on your wedding day, resting assured everything is taken care of.

Falling a victim to crash diet

Avoid unusual and strict diets on the months leading up to your wedding. Instead try reducing your sugar intake, and replacing unhealthy meals with that of a healthier option. Planning early can also help you reach your ideal weight goal without crashing through weeks before the big day.

Rushing to announce your engagement news

Before the official Facebook relationship status change, begin by informing your nearest and dearest friends and family, it is always much appreciated when said in person. After your exciting news has gone viral don’t forget to post a quick thank you message to all your well-wishers.

Ignoring your vendors

Be kind to your wedding suppliers such as Djs, band performers, and photographers a little kindness can go a long way. Make sure the caterers offer them something to eat or drink during the wedding.

Over decorating

While you may be slightly overwhelmed with various ideas you would like to include in your wedding, remember to stay balanced. Decorations that are easy on the eye are often admired the most than an overcrowded table.

You forget to eat

As funny as it sounds, yes it can happen. Most brides become over occupied with the day that they forget to refuel. Food before and during the wedding is vital.

Not considering your venue when decorating

Take into consideration every aspect of your wedding venue, from the lounge space to how high the ceilings are. You don’t want to waste time and money over decorating a venue that is naturally beautiful.

Not matching your bouquet to your wedding dress

Consider the color, shape, and size of your bouquets. You will want something that will compliment your dress, rather than overcrowd it. It’s always best to show your florist a photo of the wedding dress while discussing your flowers.

Sending late thank you notes

Thank you notes are very similar to RSVP cards, you want your guests to send them out as early as possible, and your guests want to know you appreciate their attendance and gifts early too. Ideally have your cards ready one month after the date of the wedding.

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