Saudi ‘My Mother’

Faisal Kayal
Faisal Kayal
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You ask me what’s Saudi?

Saudi is the mother that embraced me since I first opened my eyes to this world..

The Mother that raised me with kindness and humbleness..

The Mother that made me feel safe in her arms, provided stability in my house, and left me always speechless..

The Mother that was awake all night making sure I would have a better tomorrow, a better future, and better mornings..

The Mother that taught me how to help, assist, and be faithful to my friends and soulmates..

The Mother that helped me understand that with religion, culture and tradition, comes forgiveness..

The Mother that secured a scholarship to my preference, anywhere in this world and still kept my belongings..

The Mother that provided me with a monthly salary, health insurance, when I was yet a student, when I was yet ‘Homeless’ ..

The Mother that held my back, pulled me up, when I was bullied by my friends and neighbors of my weaknesses..

The Mother that told me with peace comes greater intolerance, and a world that lacks aggressiveness..

That Mother that ‘raised the ceiling’ in order for me to strive for greatness..

The Mother that made me pursue my career when everyone thought that I was hopeless..

To that Mother who is fearless, righteous and generous..

I owe you my achievements, and I will always owe you my love, support, and my great intelligence...

Happy 87th Birthday Mama.

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