Digital media boom the Egyptian revolution aftermath

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Although business across Egypt has suffered since the revolution started, the online and mobile technology company OTVentures has sustained growth throughout the uprising.

Online social media played a significant role in expanding the enterprise throughout the Arab world. This has led to a dramatic rise in online traffic said chief executive Hanan Abdel Meguid.

“What is good after the revolution is the validation of the power of online media,” Meguid was quoted as saying by the Financial Times.

With more than 700 employees divided throughout 17 countries, including the U.S., Italy, Canada, and the Middle East, OTVentures has been able to develop its software, online share trading, ecommerce and web hosting technology.

“We are the Middle East’s gateway for international brands and at the same time we are a launching pad for local innovation,” Meguid said.

Prior to the revolution, citizens used the internet to check their emails and surf the web as an alternative form of entertainment.

“The amount of time spent online is growing, which has increased the potential for doing business. The revolution may have temporarily been a disaster for some kinds of businesses - we witnessed a drop - but it will be an accelerator for us in the longer term,” Meguid added.

Internet business was still sizable during the revolution, he told the Financial Times. As OTVentures reached a turnout of almost $100 million, the company proves it has sustained “steady” growth since 2010.

OTVentures was announced as the official online advertising agent for Twitter in the Middle East and North Africa in November.