Egypt launches fundraising campaign to complete construction of Grand Museum

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Egypt has launched a fundraising campaign to ensure that construction of the world’s largest museum is not affected by the economic and financial crisis in the country.

The project was launched in March 2012 with a budget of $800 million. A big part of the money is coming from the Japan International Co-operation Agency and the remaining amount was meant to come from the Egyptian government.

But the government is running on a tight budget these days, and fears that it may not be able to pay its part prompted the tourism and antiquities ministries to launch a fundraising campaign.

Tourists will be optionally charged one dollar per night to ensure the projected is completed on deadline in August 2015.

The museum will overlook the Giza pyramids and will hold many of Egypt’s archeological treasures displayed in chronological sequence of historical periods.

However, the unrest in the region and country has pushed Egypt through a financial low. Several excavations have been halted due to loss of foreign-funded archeological digs.

Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said the museum will draw back tourists, with reopening of tombs and temples which have been closed due to restorations.

Officials estimate the opening of the museum will attract eight million visitors in the first two years.