Iran agrees to oil-for-food deal with Russia

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Russia’s energy minister Alexander Novak has announced a Russian oil-for-food deal with Iran that will be implemented next month by buying 100,000 barrels of oil a day from Iran, Iranian and Russian media reported.

The Russian minister said that the deal will be in accordance with an agreement signed between the two countries earlier, according according to Fars and Westk Caucasus.

Novak said that Russia will begin receiving oil shipments at the end of next month, adding that “the details of legal documents are in the final stages.”

The Interfax news agency quoted Novak as saying that the amount of Iranian oil under the oil-for-goods agreement could reach 100,000 barrels per day, or 5 million tons a year from Iran.

For his part, Russian Trade Representative in Iran, Andre Luganski, said that Moscow may in return export to Tehran goods worth $45 billion a year under this program, according to Interfax.

It is noteworthy that many of the prominent reform figures in Iran strongly criticizes Tehran’s alliance with Moscow and believes that the Iranian regime has become fully dependent on Russia. The critics include reformist leader and former political and security aide in the Iranian Interior Ministry, Mustafa Tajzadeh, who said last month that Russia has neutralized the role of Iran in Syria and turned the Iranian soldiers into managers under the Russians. They also criticized the granting of Hamadan Airbase to Russian forces.

“The Iranian regime, which raises the slogan ‘No Eastern, nor Western’, concluded the nuclear agreement with the West and granted the Hamadan Air Base to the East (Russia), which means that this slogan is over and we have become mere agents of the Russians,” he said.

Former Iranian government spokesman and reformist leader Abdullah Ramadan Zadeh said in remarks that “Iran fears that Russia will stab it from the back when the need for its presence in Syria ends.”

The Iranian Democratic Front, considered the granting of Iranian military bases to Russia as a “betrayal”. The Front said in a statement that the Iranian military agreements with the Russians, as well as oil and economic contracts with the East and West, led to covering of the crimes of the regime against its people and the peoples of the region, from legal scrutiny.

“The Russian military presence in Iran will not be confined to airspace. Iran has also given up its rights in the Caspian Sea for Moscow. Hence the era has begun of Russian hegemony over Iran,” the Front added.

The Front considered that granting air bases to the Russians means that the Iranian regime is preparing for more wars against the countries of the region in order to support and expand the Shiite crescent for expansionist purposes.

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