10,000 Saudis register for Citizen’s Account in two days

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Saudi Arabia’s Citizen Account website is accepting requests from ineligible residents who would like to apply for the program, 10,000 of whom have already sent registration requests within two days, the program’s spokesperson, Ali Raghy, told al-Yaum newspaper.

Raghy added that any person or their direct relative can send an objection through the Citizen’s Account website within three months of being deemed unqualified.

They can also follow up on their request through the website while getting SMS and email updates. The final decision will also be sent to them by email or SMS, where in the case of the program accepting the objection, the amount of monetary support due to the beneficiary will be paid for the period beginning from the date of issue of the ineligible result, to the date of acceptance of the objection.

“The period will be calculated for a maximum of five months,” Raghy said. “If the person does not raise an objection within the three-month limit, he or she must re-apply.”

Many of the registrants in the Citizen Account reported their experience via Twitter, one of them saying that there was an error in his recorded income data. However, customer service promptly responded to his complaint and explained that he can access his account and modify his data accordingly, without having to send an objection.

The Citizen’s Account is a national cash transfer program that was first announced by the government in December 2016 and opened for registrations in February 2017.

It aims to increase the efficiency of government benefits distribution by targeting the less fortunate in society.

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