Saudi airport makes way for 2,606 additional Eid flights

King Abdulaziz International Airport reported the number of flights for Eid break reached 2,606 additional flights

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King Abdulaziz International Airport reported the number of flights for Eid break reached 2,606 additional flights.

Badr Al-Shihrani said the airport was very crowded as thousands of people wish to travel for the Eid break.

“I was very happy to find reservations during this rush season. I am going to East Asia where I usually go to spend my vacations. I love to visit East Asia for its beautiful nature and wonderful weather. My visit to East Asia is an annual tradition of mine,” said Al-Shihrani.

He added many Saudis are traveling during the break to spend it abroad and many expatriates are returning to their homeland to spend Eid with their families.

“We often forget about the foreigners and expatriate in our country. Although, traditionally, Eid is the time for family and relatives, many Saudis use the break to travel abroad. Meanwhile, expatriates await the holiday to be able to rekindle the true meaning of Eid and be with their families back home,” said Al-Shihrani.

Sulaih Al-Thiyabi said tickets are now available at very high prices and whoever finds a good offer these days may consider himself lucky.

“If you want to find an affordable location to spend your Eid break, you should have booked the flights months ago. Whether your destination is national or international, all flights are now available at a high rise,” said Al-Thiyabi.

He added for the Saudis working in provinces away from their families, they usually return to their families for Eid break.

“I was on a business trip here in Jeddah but now I am returning to Dammam where my family and kids are. This Eid is especially a crowded and festive Eid because it is in the summer holiday for school and university students,” said Al-Thiyabi.

King Abdulaziz International Airport also reported the flights included national and international flights. The total number of flights during the summer vacation reached 42,000 flights which 6 percent more than last year’s record.

This article was first published by the Saudi Gazette on July 14, 2015.