Disabled workers in Saudi Arabia to get equal pay

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The Saudi Ministry of Labor has completed new regulations giving disabled employees the same salaries and benefits able-bodied workers get in the private sector, Al-Madinah daily reported.

A disabled worker should have a certificate from the Ministry of Social Affairs or the Ministry of Labor showing the type and severity of disability, according to the new regulations.

For disabled people to work in the private sector, they should find jobs they can perform despite their disabilities.

The employer should provide the disabled person with a work environment that effectively facilitates the execution of the required tasks.

The employer should not discriminate, according to the ministry’s regulations, against a disabled worker in terms of monthly salary and other rights and benefits given to able-bodied employees.

The ministry’s inspectors will make sure all businesses comply with the above regulations during the surprise visits they will pay to their premises.

Disabled people include those with visual or hearing impairments, mental or physical disabilities, learning difficulties, speech and behavior problems, autism and any other handicap listed in a medical report that the Ministry of Labor approves.

This article was first published on the Saudi Gazette.