Effort on to make Makkah a manufacturing hub

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The Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) have joined forces to encourage businesses in Makkah to sell goods made in the holy city.

The first products, according to Al-Watan newspaper, will include perfumes and small bric-a-brac that will be marketed to pilgrims. As a result, stores in the central Haram area of the holy city are awaiting the “Made in Makkah” products.

Maher Saleh Jamal, chairman of the MCCI’s board of directors, met several days ago with Muhammad Al-Amri, executive director of the SCTA in the Makkah region, to review the “Made in Makkah” project.

“Made in Makkah is a mega development project that is not restricted to handicrafts; it should be considered a priority project,” said Jamal.

“We can start by focusing on gifts and perfumes … We must forge ahead as this project can lead to the forming of large factories and not just goods made through cottage industries,” he said.

“The MCCI’s vision for the Made in Makkah project should not be restricted to gifts for pilgrims. We hope to export our products to countries abroad and Muhammad Al-Qurashi, deputy chairman of the board of directors of the MCCI, is working on developing this,” he added.

Officials are optimistic that Made in Makkah products will be available for sale over the next 12 months and that goods will also include traditional goods made through cottage industries.

This article was first published on the Saudi Gazette.