Falling exchange rate irks Saudi scholarship students in UK

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Exchange rate fluctuations have upset scholarship students in Britain and many of them expressed their frustrations and anger on social media.

"Scholarships to Britain cause financial losses to the parents of scholarship students and those who think of scholarships must avoid the United Kingdom because of the low reward and the high cost of living," read one tweet.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Maqoshi, Saudi cultural attaché in London, promised the students to solve their problems soon, according to Al-Hayat newspaper. He explained that his staff was following up on solutions to the problem of exchange rate and medical insurance after several obstacles faced by the students. He added that a meeting was held with officials to find a quick solution.

In response to students' queries, Al-Maqoshi said: "You are our real human investment, clarity of purpose, sincerity and patriotism and putting extra effort is an important element in building the personality of the scholarship student. That's what we're aiming to instill in every student."

He added: "I closely follow your suggestions and comments on the mission's performance and how to develop the services. I placed on my list of priorities two topics: the exchange rate and medical insurance."

Al-Maqoshi said he had worked on these issues since the beginning of his UK tenure. He said he held several meetings and made contacts with the highest levels to find solutions and develop the services.

He pointed out that proposals have been put forward to amend the exchange rate, which is currently being studied.

"I would like to assure everyone that this issue is not related to one government agency but rather to several entities, and the mission alone, or the Ministry of Education or even the ministries of finance and foreign affairs cannot solve this problem. Any of these parties do not have a solution to address the topic alone or the power to make a decision. It's a complicated issue," Al-Maqoshi said.

He promised the students who filed complaints at the mission by saying, "I promise you, as I promised you before, that I will make every effort to find a solution and bring good news to you soon."

The cultural attaché has asked all scholarship recipients to pay close attention to the insurance contract, which should expire on July 31. "Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to quickly send the treatment bills to the insurance company to be settled with the company, within a maximum of 90 days from the end of the contract. The company will not receive or reimburse any bill that arrives after that date," he said.