A year after Trump's deal, Carrier workers lose jobs

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After 5 years working at a furnace factory in Indianapolis, Renee along with over 200 of her colleagues are being laid off.

Renee Elliott, former Carrier employee, said “Tomorrow I’m losing my job, as the company I work for… the company I had hoped to serve until retirement sells me up."

At a meeting to discuss the company's decision, those being let go express their disappointment. Especially as many, like Duane, had voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because he said he would help workers like them.

Duane Oreskovic, who is a former Carrier employee, said “Just like everyone else I voted for him to help our economy out. Hoped to do what he promised the nation he’d do about keeping jobs in America, safe. Apparently it’s not happening as of right now.

As president-elect, Donald Trump visited Carrier's Indiana factory… touting a deal he personally helped broker…7 million dollars in tax breaks to keep the plant from moving to Mexico, saving over a thousand jobs.

Since then, Carrier has nonetheless laid off over 500 workers. But many still believe Trump is fighting for them, in a sector that is battling both delocalization and automation.

Robert James, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, said “When you talk to those people today, some of those people today, that they would tell you is that, give him a chance. And so you still hear it and some of our members are still supporting the president of the United States.

And Trump can point to a healthy economy, one year into his presidency. In Indiana, unemployment is just 3.6% - lower than the national average which is currently at a 17-year low. And even manufacturing employment has started to expand since Trump took office.

But that is of little comfort for those laid off, many are worried that even if they find new jobs, it will be for lower pay.

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