More than 135 speakers to attend Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative

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The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia said that thousands from across the world will participate in the Future Investment Initiative which will be held from October 23 till October 25 in Riyadh.

At least 35 sessions and workshops in addition to forums will be held and they will focus on three key issues which are: investment in transformation, technology as a source of opportunities and human capacity development. More than 35 speakers who represent more than 140 different institutions will be attending.

World leaders, investors and innovators will discuss the role of companies, governments and global institutions in working together to achieve prosperity and growth on the long term.

The Public Investment Fund said the program’s main sessions are:

One world: Can leaders from business and government develop a collective vision for the future?

Power moves: How will the shifting geography of investment change the future of innovation?

Capital flows: How will leading financial institutions stay competitive in the new economy?

Market drivers: How can global investors encourage capital market development in emerging economies?

Digital currency: How will the convergence of money and data change global commerce?

Better business: How can global CEOs support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Sky high: What will a new era of aerospace mean for business, commerce, and society?

Frontiers of health: How will tomorrow’s advancements further impact longevity and quality of life? And what are the consequences of technologies that fundamentally change our underlying biology?

Urban future: How can urban development amplify its potential to incubate world-changing technologies? And what global investments are required to drive these developments forward?

The Future Investment Initiative this year aims to discover and develop future economic orientations and opportunities, draw the features of future sectors and discuss how investment can contribute to global development and prosperity.

More details on the initiative can be found on: http://www.futureinvestmentinitiative.com.

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