Iranian economist warns of famine, rebellion as inflation rates rise

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An Iranian economist, Hossein Raghfar, predicted that his country would face more famine and protests in the coming weeks.

Raghfar warned of what he called the “economy of fraternity” between the elements of government and influential in power, and expected Iran would witness in the coming period famine and rebellion by the Iranian people, according to his analysis published by “Aleph” website.

“The famine will rise with the exchange rate rising, and we will have fuel smuggling, through mafia networks,” Raghfar said.

The Iranian economic expert predicted a potential loss of 1.1 million jobs which would compound the already existing unemployment crisis.

Raghfar also questioned government statistics on inflation, saying the country had seen an inflation rate this month of 50 percent, and is expected to reach 80 or 90 percent by the end of the year.

“The main victim of famine and inflation is the Iranian people, but those who live on aid will also not find anything to eat,” he said.

“We are heading for rebellion,” he warned.

The Iranian expert explained his views on the reasons for his prediction of a rebellion and the launching of large-scale protests, saying: “The worker who does not receive a salary, how he can provide his resources? This will lead to protest and rebellion”.

Raghfar’s warning comes as Tehran awaits the start of a second round of US sanctions on November 4, which is expected to be the toughest it will face in the past four decades of the revolution of the Iranian Republic.

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