Libya plans no crude exports from Brega port in November

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Libya does not plan to export crude oil from Brega port in November, the only oil terminal still functioning in the east, after a fall in production, trading and local Libyan sources said on Thursday.

Two sources said the fall was due to power supply problems.

It was not immediately possible to reach the state oil company for comment. The oilfields feeding the port had been producing around 60,000 barrels per day up until now.

“Brega production is down to around 20,000 bpd, no program issued,” one trading source said.

Tripoli has been struggling to reach a deal with protesters in the east to re-open its ports and oil facilities, which have blocked exports from its largest terminals for the last three months in the worst disruption since the civil war in 2011.

Libya’s natural gas production has also slumped in the east, leading to power shortages. The country has tried to import extra diesel and fuel oil to fill the shortage.

In October, two tankers have already called at the Brega port to take crude oil and a third to lift condensate.

National Oil Co board member Mustafa Sanalla recently pegged total Libyan crude oil output at around 600,000, bpd mainly from its western fields.

Exports continue from the country’s offshore platforms and Zawia and Mellitah ports, trading and shipping sources said.