Report: Saudi gas stations ‘running petrol scam’

Gas stations are reportedly scamming their customers by secretly selling them lower octane fuel

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Gas stations are scamming their customers by secretly selling them lower octane fuel for the price of its higher octane equivalent, Makkah daily reported.

Mamdouh Al-Rikhaimi, a member of the National Committee of Fuel Station Companies, said: “Some gas stations either mix 95 octane fuel with the 91 or sell the latter for the price of the former.”

In his view, gas stations are scamming customers because “they are run by Asian or Arab individuals who value profit over integrity”.

They also employ unqualified expatriates to work at their stations and ignore important safety and security precautions, he claimed.

Trade officials should be more involved in protecting customers’ rights, said Al-Rikhaimi.

He said: “To solve this problem, concerned authorities should only license fuel and petrol companies to run gas stations.

“That way, trade is more professionally carried out, citizens are employed and the companies would be more concerned for citizens’ safety through corporate social responsibility measures.

“There are many gas companies that sell gas pumps online and adhere to international standards. As long as the company adheres to standards and regulations, it is qualified to run a gas station.”

He said all pumps sold in the country are of good quality as Saudi customs authorities check all products entering the country to ensure quality and adherence to standards and specifications.

The specifications include safety measures such as an automatic clasp to ensure that petrol does not spill from the container or the hose and cause a fire.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on November 20, 2014.