Al-Zamil: NIDLP will give Saudi Arabia ‘global relevance, competitiveness’

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Director and CEO of Zamil Industrial, Abdullah al-Zamil, has said that cooperation between the private sector and government entities was key in achieving the objectives laid out by Saudi Arabia’s recently launched National Industrial Development and Logistics Program.

Al-Zamil was speaking during the program’s launch in Riyadh on Monday in Saudi Arabia, which aims to drive $450bn dollars in investments.

Launched by Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih, the program brought together leaders of the private sector to discuss projects in mining, industry, logistics and energy.

“We, as a private sector, frankly speaking, have participated and were invited to a lot of workshops. So plenty of inputs which you see here is really an amalgamation of private sector participation, government entities, and various consultants of global stature,” said al-Zamil.

Al-Zamil pointed out Saudi Arabia’s accomplishments when it comes to hard infrastructure such as city airports, railways, and highways, but claims there is a lack of soft infrastructure, which he feels was finally being addressed: “For many years we missed the soft infrastructure, mainly the bureaucratic and regulatory environment part. I think today we are seeing various entities coming together and putting a solid program that has specific dates.”

His statement came after Ibrahim al-Mojel, director general of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, had earlier announced the launch of financing working capital and logistics set for Feb. 13. “At 7:30 in the morning, I will be there to test him,” added al-Zamil.

He said he believes that Saudi Arabia’s programs and combination of logistics, mining, and energy industries provide a very strong economic base that will lead to a “tremendous amounts of jobs” and will add to the country’s GDP. The National Industrial Development and Logistics program will help put Saudi Arabia back on the map of global relevance and competitiveness, which the Kingdom has missed for the past 40 years, according to him.

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