600 Saudis working with ‘Saudi Oger’ to be transferred to other firms

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The official spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Khalid Aba al-Khail, said that since the problem of the employees working in “Saudi Oger LTD" company started, the ministry has been following up along with the government agencies and with the company itself, towards a solution.

All the rights of the employees are documented at the Ministry which has appointed lawyers to plead for these employees in front the judicial authorities in Saudi Arabia.

He explained that currently there are about 8,000 employees in the company, including 1,200 Saudis. They are working to transfer about 600 Saudis to work in other companies.

As for the rest of the Saudis, the Minister of Labor and Social Development directed the Chairman of the Human Resources Development Fund, Dr. Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafais, to find suitable jobs for them, while they are currently working to transfer 6,000 expatriate workers to other companies.

The official spokesman of the ministry said that the expatriate employees working in the company with temporary contracts are allowed to be transferred to other companies.

As for those who would like to leave Saudi Arabia when their contract comes to an end with the company, their departure procedures will be facilitated, and their full rights reserved.

This was done in coordination with their respective embassies.

It’s worth mentioning that, since the company had issues, the Ministry solved the problem of over 16,000 expatriate employees of which 11,500 left the country.

The ministry transferred about 3,800 expatriate employees to other companies, after documenting all their rights and appointing law officers to plead for their rights.