Panasonic unveils portable shower for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

Shattaf Mahmoul was developed by Panasonic following market research which revealed a number of concerns among the public

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Panasonic has introduced the Shattaf Mahmoul personal portable shower exclusively in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the destination of all Muslims.

The Shattaf Mahmoul was developed by Panasonic following market research which revealed a number of concerns among the public, such as water not being always available, especially on road trips and after outdoor activities. There was also concern about public sanitary facilities being used by large numbers of people and also the absence of cleanliness facilities in places abroad.


As a result of the research findings, Panasonic developed Shattaf Mahmoul to facilitate personal hygiene whenever required.

“This innovative product is a must for travelers and people on the go,” said Takahiro Kiyama, Panasonic Marketing ME&AF, Saudi Office, Director. “With a smart modern design it’s easy to fit in hand baggage and can be used to freshen up anytime, anywhere.”

Shattaf Mahmoul is the perfect size to fit in any hand bag, allowing individuals to carry their own shower for perfect cleanliness. Furthermore, since the Shattaf Mahmoul is battery operated there is no need to worry about a power source. For the water source, the Shattaf Mahmoul can be fitted to major type of plastic water bottle in the world, using the universal adaptor provided.

Shattaf Mahmoul can be used on various occasions including (Ablution) Wudu, long-distance travel at home or abroad, and after outdoor activities. It can also be used safely for baby care, for the elderly and for people with special needs (Also such as people who need frequent visits to bathroom).

Shattaf Mahmoul is made in Japan and, as with all Panasonic products, there is no compromise on product quality and durability.

Panasonic expects Shattaf Mahmoul to become a "must have” item in their daily lives, especially in extremely hot climates such as we experience in Saudi Arabia, Shattaf Mahmoul will be available in the Saudi market from this month through Alesayi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products, components and devices, consumer products and innovative solutions.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on May 5, 2014.

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