Saudi Arabia seen ‘transforming’ into coffee, chocolate producer

Riyadh to host International Coffee & Chocolate Exhibition in December this year

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The organizing committee of the coffee and chocolates exhibition, which will be held for the third year in a row at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre on December 20-23, 2016, revealed increasing the size of exhibition area by 100 per cent more of what it was in the past few years reaching 7781 sq. meters’ display area, while the total number of participants reached more than 100 participants because of the outstanding and unprecedented turnout during the exhibition second year.

Participation varies this year among domestic and international and specialist entrepreneurs in coffee and chocolate industry, which included many of the leading chocolate and coffee makers and dealers and international brands agents, besides representatives of global chocolate companies in the region who are participating in the exhibition to demonstrate the visibility of their brands and their strong presence in the Gulf and Arab market and enhance communication with their customers. In addition, they will display all the coffee and chocolate kits as well as the making and preparation machines and other modern technologies that fascinate coffee and chocolate lovers.

New horizons

Participants this year are from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman and the UAE. The exhibition aims to attract investors, suppliers and those seeking new investments in this vital sector to open new horizons for entrepreneurs.

It puts the kingdom on the map of commodity producing countries of coffee and chocolate instead of being only a consuming nation, conforming to the National Transformation Program 2020 and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. This is especially important since it is known that the kingdom has more than 70,000 coffee trees from the finest in the world at the Jazan mountains along with cocoa trees which Faifa region development authority successfully planted in the first experiment of its kind in the Arab world.

The exhibition organizers and participants have planned many surprises and new developments to engage visitors and lovers of coffee and chocolate. The exhibition is the largest recreational demonstration specific to these two commodities and will feature competitions , training courses and workshops and also enable visitors to meet specialists and professionals in the industry.

The article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on August 18, 2016.